With its gentle landscapes and magnificent castles, the Loire valley, known as “The Garden of France” has been Grandin’s cradle since 1886.

Vallée de la Loire

The Loire valley, with its reputation as “The Garden of France” was the favourite residence of the French Kings during the Renaissance period. A great many castles were built on the banks of the River Loire and its tributaries, and are still witnesses today of the Sovereigns’ love for this region. With its delicious cuisine, the art of living in the Val de Loire is still the envy of all today. The region is influenced by the River Loire, the longest in France, part of which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also called “The royal river” due to the many castles on its banks. Its temperate oceanic climate permits a wide diversity of wines and grape varieties. This is where the emblematic Chenin produces base wines for its sparkling wines.

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